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Alexis Andrei

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I am an abstract modern artist who lives and works in Houston, Texas. I have expressed myself through art since childhood; my earliest memories of painting were using my mother’s lipstick on the walls when I was seven. Although I have always produced art, I only began work full time as an artist about twenty years ago. I primarily work in mixed media. My artistic career can be characterized as a life-long experimentation with non-objectivity, using biomorphic forms and semi-abstracted objects, as expressed through my paintings and ceramics. Abstract art allows me to capture my feelings, emotions and experiences, rather than specific people or objects. I start without expectations and let my feelings guide my hands into my work on a subconscious level. Guided by my inner voice, I free myself of control over the paint and brush and my paintings become a process of creative discovery. As my paintings progress, I apply many layers of paint during the progression to a final painting which captures the essence of the thoughts and feelings I am trying to capture. I hope that my art finds its way to those who it touches and makes happy.

Visit Alexis on IG to learn more about her artwork.

Art Brushes Stained with Paint
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