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Amy Malkan

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Amy Malkan is a public artist, artrepreneur and community developer. Her family heritage from India and Africa have influenced her artistic expression. She is best known for her contemporary style infused with her family’s heritage of Indian motifs within her murals and art installations. Malkan fundamentally believes that everyone deserves access and exposure to the arts, therefore she strives to engage the
public in the design and production of most of her public art projects.

Malkan uses art and creativity to bridge the relationships between the public and public places. Over the past 6 years Malkan has facilitated the design, coordination, and production of over 70 public art projects across the Houston area and has recently expanded outside of Texas. Some of these projects
have been co-created with the involvement of over 1,000 area youth, artists and hundreds of community stakeholders. 
Her intention with every public art installation is to transform the environment into a cultural and artistic destination to help showcase the beauty and uniqueness each community has to offer.


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