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Chu Okoli


Chu Okoli is an accomplished and world-renowned visual artist trained in classical drawing and painting. Taking inspiration from his background also as a sculptor, installation artist, designer, writer, innovator and visionary - he forged a new style in painting using concentric circles as filter through which he sees the universe and the world around him.


His work with concentric circles is a break from tradition. A lucid union of art and science. Inspired by the cyclical nature of life and his passion for astronomy his works tell stories that explore the cyclical balance, symmetry and the energy which radiates consistently across time and space. He creates his circles all by free-hand, with precision and fluidity throughout his visual narratives. 


His groundbreaking style has won him numerous grants, awards and acclaim across the art world. 


Visit Chu's website to learn more about his artwork.

Art Brushes Stained with Paint
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