David Adickes

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David Adickes is both an artist and sculptor. He is a Houston based treasure and a global icon. The career of this well known Texas artist spans six decades. Mr. Adickes was born in Huntsville, TX in 1927.  He earned degrees in mathematics and physics. from Sam Houston State University.  However, the summer after his graduation, he realized art was what he really wanted to do. He studied in France from 1948 to 1950 with modern French master Fernand Leger. His art has been featured in shows across the United States and in France where he lived for six years early in his career. Mr. Adickes is well traveled and has circled the globe painting in Tahiti, Japan, Spain. His art is featured in many museums, and hundreds of corporate and private collections. In 1983, he was commissioned to make his first monumental sculpture, Virtuoso, which now resides at the Lyric Center in downtown Houston. He also created the 76-foot tall figure of Sam Houston that stands on Interstate 45 just south of Huntsville. Mr. Adickes says he continues to live life with an abundance of creativity, focus and passion in his self-constructed River Oaks home studio. “I have too many ideas. I want to do too much stuff,” said Adickes. “I don’t meditate or do anything like that. I just make art.”

Abstract Painting