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Jaymes Earl

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Jaymes  is a Houston-based artist originally from El Paso, Texas. Born into a military family Jaymes has lived all over the world including Germany where he lived for 3 years before settling in El Paso. He then went on to obtain a degree in Mathematics before becoming a 2nd grade math teacher.

As a child, he often enjoyed illustrating comics or constructing models of all sorts. Any activity that called for the use of his hands were always his favorite. Many of these early hobbies lead to his aspirations of becoming an artist.

As a result, his art is a combination of some of his favorite childhood pastimes with mathematical concepts such as line segments, angles, coordinate points, similar and congruent figures, symmetry, and parallel lines used to create a precise 3D image.


“It all starts with geometry.”


Visit Jaymes on his website  to learn more about his artwork.

Art Brushes Stained with Paint
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