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Jordan Marble


Around the age of three, I began to discover my artistic talents. Originally being born in Houston then moving to Memphis, TN, I started to flourish with my creative abilities. I didn't have formal training in art techniques until my ninth-grade year of high school where most of my skills were developed. But one of my earliest inspirations comes from an incident that my father was involved in while living in Houston. This situation is what I believed sparked my artistic abilities allowing me to create my first drawing at the age of three because I feared for his life. In a crazy way my hopes were that my drawing would help somehow, my most recent inspiration for my art and why I continuously create art is the "wow factor"; meaning the amazement and attention someone has for my art once a piece is finished. The joy received from an onlooker admiring the art and being intrigued by the level of skill or level of concentration is very uplifting. I believe that nothing is new under the sun meaning we all contribute things to help the next creative flower blossom.


Visit Jordan's website to learn more about his artwork.

Art Brushes Stained with Paint
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