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Mei Hason

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I was born in Israel and grew up in Yaffo Tel Aviv. I am a self taught painter that was raised by a family of artists - shoe designers, musicians and painters - so creativity was always there. Traveling around the world and connecting with people and other cultures contribute to who I am .


My artworks are abstract, using texture, mediums, layers and forms. I use acrylic paint, markers, charcoal and pastels. I love combinations of lots of colors and paying attention to the small details. Each space in the canvas is full with details and layers. Every painting is different from the other, yet there is a similarity of sense. My paintings are an expression of my mind, language, imagination, description and story of me. "No rules, no philosophy, no mistake. Just art." is my motto. In a way art is an adventure. To be able to unite and connect people with different approaches and observations.

Visit Mei on IG to see her current artwork.

Art Brushes Stained with Paint
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