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Rada Bukhman

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Born in Omsk (Russia) to an artistic family, Rada Bukhman was immersed into the world of art from a very early age. She developed her talents by attending music school and private art lessons.


In 1996 Rada moved to Vancouver where she continued her visual art studies in a multicultural environment, mentored by prominent artists of Russian and Western schools. She experimented with different types of painting media and clay. Adding flamenco dancing to her life, she started to portray flamenco dancers and musicians in her visual art. It was in Vancouver where Rada started to showcase her oil paintings in multiple galleries. She was praised by critics for her expressionist style and impeccable sense of color.

Rada moved to Houston in 2017. Here she continues her art works with various media. In addition to oil painting, she started to focus on drawings and watercolor techniques combined with lino print.

Visit Rada on IG to learn more about her artwork.

Art Brushes Stained with Paint
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