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Sonya Cuellar

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Sonya Cuellar was born in Rosenberg, Texas.  The oldest of three children and very independent, she began drawing and creating art at a young age.  As with many things in life, her career began accidentally. While working for a local entertainment company, she noticed a painting in a colleague’s office and inquired about the painter; it turned out the colleague was the artist.  That very day she went to the art supply store to buy canvas and paints.    Cuellar has a strong commitment to her community and continues to donate her work to local and national charities. Sonya's artwork has been chosen for corporate collections, restaurants, and private collector’s homes.  She exhibits and works out of her studio in the Houston Heights and her work can be found at Native Citizen Design Studio at 2311 Dunlavy St., Houston, TX 77006.

Visit Sonya's website to see her current artwork and installations.

Art Brushes Stained with Paint
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