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Stephanie Gonzalez


Born in Monterrey N.L. Mexico, Stephanie Gonzalez grew up with her grandparents in Reynosa, Mexico. She began painting at the age of 14 to escape a hostile environment and later started developing new techniques and experimenting with different mediums. 


Abstraction gave her freedom to express from pure intuition rather than technique. Tearing, smearing and the celebration of imperfection became the main way of expression. She developed her work using found objects and worked with what she had rather than seeking materials which was part of her culture. 


Stephanie found inspiration in nature, the female form, and her own experiences as a lesbian Mexican woman. Stephanie created works that reflected her own experiences.   Currently Stephanie has departed from personal experience and is focusing on Geometric landscapes, these new works are a commentary on the spiritual world and the idea of connection. 


Visit Stephanie's website to learn more about her artwork and installations.

Art Brushes Stained with Paint
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