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Tra` Slaughter

tra slaughter.jpeg

My name is Tra` Slaughter and I am a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Houston, Texas. I moved here in 2000 to attend the Art Institute of Houston where I received a degree in Graphic Design. After working in the Graphic Design field for several years, in 2012 I made the move to full-time working artist.

I am attracted to artwork that reveals the artist. Random marks, scrawls and scratches combined with spills, fingerprints and smudges whether placed intentionally or subconsciously, all create the work just as it should be. Every mark has a purpose and plays a part in making art. I find that the imperfections in things ultimately create perfection. My work is a combination of abstract expressionism and figurative with a focus on text derived from lyrics, historical documents, poetry and other writings all coming together to create an entirely new narrative. I find inspiration in the works of Anselm Keifer, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jackson Pollock and Egon Shiele.

Visit Tra` on his website to learn more about his artwork.

Art Brushes Stained with Paint
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